Vehicle Recovery Explained

Vehicle Recovery Services
Vehicle recovery is the movement of a vehicle from a certain location and the transportation of the vehicle to a destination. As you can probably guess, there are endless degrees of recovery that can be carried out, each one unique to itself.

To make a little more sense of the recovery industry, here are a few of the types of towing services and we provide.

Roadside Recovery

Roadside recovery entails a lot. It can mean coming to assist with a dead battery or a flat tire, or it can mean a pull from the middle of the highway at rush hour (roadside recovery including inside the road, too).

This kind of recovery makes up the bulk of our services and is a 24/7 service that never lets up.

To be ready for roadside recovery, our fleet is stocked with every kind of towing rig that could ever be needed.

Broken down motorcycles, SUVs, pickups, and any commuter vehicle at all can all be easily recovered with the vehicles we’ve got on the field. We can even mobilize our rotator to cherry-pick a vehicle out of a deep ditch, or one that’s careened into a body of water.

Law Enforcement Recovery

One entity that often needs help with vehicle recovery is law enforcement. From local to state agencies, we work closely with law enforcement departments to retrieve vehicles, or move ones that are breaking the rules.

Tow-Away Services

So what are some of the reasons law enforcement might need towing help? A big one is moving cars from being parked on the side of the road, or in parking areas with clear tow-away signs. In most cases, vehicles that get towed are ones that knew (or should have known) that towing was a possibility, and law enforcement agencies give as much notice as possible.

Stolen Vehicle Retrieval

If law enforcement has positively identified a stolen vehicle, they may need us to come in and transport the vehicle. If we get a stolen vehicle, it’ll most likely be impounded temporarily (as it would be considered evidence in a case of grand theft auto), before being returned to the owner.

Emergency Recovery

Part of what makes our fleet special is that our recovery services can be called on at the drop of a dime. Emergencies arise without notice and having a fleet equipped with the right vehicle for any job is paramount, because there’s no telling what kind of vehicles will need recovery.

Vehicles may end up under water, buried in the mud, wedged in between another vehicle and the median, or myriad other situations. For any one of those scenarios, we need to have the right truck on the ground.

Keeping Things Moving

Recovery is an instrumental part of keeping the traffic moving along and because of that, something that will impact every person’s life on a regular basis.

As a towing company, we know that we don’t get the best reputation among a lot of drivers out there, but we also leave jobs knowing that we were able to help.