The Many Different Ways To Tow

Towing is the process of hauling an object attached to a tow bar, rope, or chain. There are important factors to consider prior to towing. Always check a tow truck’s tire pressure and the height of the hitch to ensure they’re in the correct level and position, respectively.

Tow bars should be tightened well and the brake system ascertained to be in a good condition. Your car can break down unexpectedly along the road, in the parking lot, or even in the garage. Those are often the times when you need to hire a towing services company to help with their services and move your vehicle to a mechanic shop.

Each of the mentioned types of towing has different benefits to users. All you need to do is find out which one best suits you. There are five major types of towing: boom, hook and chain, integrated tow truck, wheel-lift and flatbed truck. Here are the types of towing you need to know:

  1. Boom Trucks
    Boom trucks are flexible and reliable enough to lift objects with light weight. Before lifting objects, it is important to boom up, down, clockwise and in an anticlockwise direction. This is to test if the boom truck is able to operate effectively. The hooks in the boom have adjustments for safe control during the lifting process in different weather conditions.
    The adjustments have the capability of slowing swinging speed and controlling swinging radius. Before beginning the lifting process, check levels of oil, pressure, temperature, water and hydraulic. Assessments done before the actual lifting process ensures the object being lifted is successfully taken where it should be.
  2. Hook and Chain Trucks
    Hook and chain trucks tow almost all types of objects. However, they’re not commonly used nowadays due to some of their disadvantages. Towing a new vehicle using this method can leave scratches and cause damage to the drivetrain or even to your entire vehicle using its chains.
    Therefore, this towing type is only applicable when towing a broken or wrecked vehicle because damages added to the already damaged vehicle doesn’t really matter.
  3. Integrated Tow Trucks
    Integrated tow trucks are more specialized to carry heavy objects such as buses. It is the most stable as compared to other types due to the extra axle inbuilt in them. It uses hydraulic power to lift, haul and tow broken cars.
  4. Wheel-Lift Trucks
    Wheel-lift trucks are also able to carry all types of objects. They work similar to hook and chain, but instead of using chain, they use a metal yoke hooked in the rear or front part of the tow truck. These trucks are affordable, but not safe to use.
  5. Flatbed Trucks
    Flatbed trucks are the safest to use when towing objects. As the name suggests, it has a flat bed. It also has hydraulics to enable movement of the bed either up or down. They haul all types of vehicles, especially those that break down along roads or those involved in accidents.